Thursday, June 12, 2008

Coconut Oil: Diaper Rash Prevention, Treatment and Much More!

Coconut oil is such a wonderful condiment to have on hand!

Using it on a baby's skin is an easy, natural way to prevent and heal diaper rash. I've never had a diaper rash to contend with by using cloth diapers and coconut oil, thank goodness! To prevent them I wash my son with water and a reusable cloth wipe (cut from old T-shirts). To make sure he is extra dry, I use a blow drier on cool-shoot (never use it at regular heat!!!). Taking away any excess moisture is very important, I find. Then I apply coconut oil. It protects the area from being irritated by further secretions. (I am sure you could find other oils that work to your liking as well). What I enjoy about using coconut oil is that it is natural (unlike other diaper rash creams- even those that claim to be natural are usually not if you read the package). I also find other diaper creams to be goopy- coconout oil goes on smooth. And the best part is a little goes a LONG, LONG way.

I love to use coconut oil to moisturize or massage my son after his bath and my own skin and scalp too. In addition, it is an excellent nutritional supplement for babies, children and adults- or just for cooking!

Here are some great articles detailing the benefits of the oil:

Get yourself some today- it's worth it in SO many ways. Make sure to get organic, unrefined oil. Here's where I got mine:

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